Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Last Norway Blog

Dear Friends and Family;

This has been a busy week getting ready to head for home.  We travelled to Oslo for our last zone conference. We had a wonderful conference.  We also had a going away fireside with the Hill's at the mission home.  They have been so kind to us.  We have found many eternal friends here in Norway.  We had a wonderful experience paricipating in the Christmas play "Did you see Him" in Stavanger.  Sister Mead wrote the play.  The Ward had a going away party for us Sunday night.  Many tears and hugs.  Wonderful people.  We had our last family night last night.  We will miss these awesome young people.  We leave our apartment at 4:00 AM on Thursday Norway time (8:00 PM Wednesday MST).  We get to Salt Lake about 2:00 Thursday afternoon and home to Cody about 11:00 PM.  It will be great to get home.  This has been a special and growing experience.  We are excited to see each of you soon. 

Love, Elder and Sister Gormley 

The Stavanger Ward.  December 10, 2017.  Gormley's going away party.

 Elder Cole in Oslo

Shopping in Oslo with the Cooks and Bergquists.  

Touring the Opera House in Oslo

First snow Saturday night.  Pretty and white.

Elder Garlick and Memmot with Sister Gormley

Sister Gormley with our special friend Charlotte Evanger.  I was able to give her a name and a blessing in church on Sunday

Vebjøtn Øglend, he joind the church this year as is doing great.

Marianna Munoz, she joined the church last year and just came home from England as an exchange student.  Super young lady.

Did You See Him?
Christmas Play Program

The three wise me, Leo Obrect and Sigurd Siglevik

Choir of Angels
Head Angel, Sister Gormley

Cast of "Did You See Him"
December 9, 2017
Stavanger Norway

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

We'll be home for Christmas

Dear Family and Friends;

I thought it was time to write at least one blog!  Our time in Norway is coming to an end.  The experiences and love we have felt will always stay in our hearts.  We have made so many new friends, felt the strength of many missionaries and have loved our YSA.  Our YSA endured an American turkey dinner with all of the fixings this month.  It is very different food for them.   We have been very busy in November.  We had a couples conference in Oslo that we coordinated.  We planned and prepared the food.  It was wonderful to get to the new couples here in Norway.  We are the longest here and were asked for much advice!!  We have had many goodbyes.  In Haugesund we bore our testimonies, had a great dinner made by Marianne and took a branch photo.  What wonderful people.  We bore our last testimonies in Stavanger.  The were many hugs and tears following the meeting.  The Lord has blessed our lives!  We will never forget these people.  We have made eternal friends.

Love Elder and Sister Gormley

Couples Conference in Oslo November 2017
(LtoR) Marvin & Lynette Miller, W. Keith & Sue Cook, Randy & Kathie Bergquist, 
Reed & Catherine Robinson, Tracy & Joeen Hill, Randall & Laurie Gormley, 
Reynold & Diane Brown,  Merrill & Elizabeth Jensen

Skogveien 7 in Jar (Oslo).  Were I lived on the top floor 42 years ago.

Thanksgiving with the YSA and missionaries.

Anskar and Åse Steffensen.  

(LtoR) Sisters Morris, Gormley, Sorensen and Eirin, a special investagator

Almar Nystad, Branch President in Drammen in 1974.

Branch Presidency in Haugesund. Randall Gormley, THunder Olsen and Ismo Hiltunen

Kristine Olsen.  

Anstien and Erna Olsen

(LtoR) Elders Welch, Garlick, Sperry & Braunberger, Sisters Sorensen and Morris
Transfer Breakfast

Kari & Lars Steinsvik from Haugesund

Haugesund Branch in November 2017

Tanita Kristiansen

Last bike ride on the fjord

Helene & Snore Gangsøy family

Johannes, Joanna & Celine Bjerge

Leo Obrecht

Stavanger Oilers Hockey game with the YSA December 2017
(LtoR Top) Elder GOrmley, Anstein Olsen, Sister Gormley, Sigurd, Ole
(LtoR Bottom) Lene, Linn. Maie, Louie. Leo, Vebjørn

Ole, Sigurd and Sister Gormley at the Hockey game

The YSA made a candel light dinner for us to thank us.  Very special surprise.

Thursday, November 2, 2017


Dear friends and family;

It is good to have my companion back.  Sister Gormley was gone for three weeks.  She had some special time with her mother.  Paulene is still with us.  We are grateful for her.  Laurie is still fighting the jet lag. I made three trips north the week before she got home.  Two to Haugesund and one to Bergen.  I have really enjoyed serving in that small branch in Haugesund.  We really enjoyed all of the Halloween pictures we received of the grand kids.  We are a little bias, but they are the cutest. They don't celebrate Halloween much here in Norway.  We have another sister getting baptized from Stavanger next week.  We have helped teach her.  She is getting baptized in Utah.  She was an exchange student there several years ago.  Her husband is an inactive member.  It is continuing to cool off.  It is getting down to around freezing at night, but still in the 50's during the day.   We are down to six weeks.  Time is flying.  We are working on a ward Christmas concert here in Stavanger.  It is December 9th.  We continue to enjoy serving the Lord any way that he can use us.  We were asked by the Area YSA director to provide a list of the things that we are involved in.  I thought I might include it so you can see what we are doing.  We love each of you and are excited to see you.  We have much to do before we leave.  We are grateful for the time we have had here.

Elder and Sister Gormley

1.  (Stavanger) We hold a weekly family night for the Young Single Adults in Stavanger and for others of similar         age that need fellowshipping.  These activities include BBQ's, outdoor and indoor sports activities.  We begin       with prayer and a spiritual thought organized by the YSA leaders.  The missionaries bring investigators and           participate in the activities. Text all each week about the activity. 

2. (Stavanger) We attend institute weekly and bring refreshments.  We support the teacher and substitute when         necessary.  Make a dinner 1-2 times per month for institute.  

3.  (Stavanger) Substitute for early morning seminary when asked.  Last year we taught full time for 1/2 year.  

4. (Stavanger) Oversee a sport activity each Saturday.  Sometimes there is a little conflict with rules, etc.                     between   the YSA, Missionaries and members.  We have found that our participation brings some calm and         levels things out.

5.  (Stavanger) Attend weekly MMCO council weekly to discuss investigator progress and missionary needs.

6.  (Stavanger) Attend ward council every two weeks and represent the YSA and Missionaries when the                      representatives aren't available.  

7.  (Stavanger) Help teach the investigator class in Sunday School when needed.

8.  (Stavanger) Attend monthly ward YSA coordination council meeting.  Keep an updated record of each                    individual and their progress.

9.  (Stavanger)  Assist in Home and Visiting Teaching when called upon.

10.  (Stavanger) Attend missionaries district meeting once a week.  Provide a lunch for that meeting.

11.  (Stavanger)  Assist the missionaries in teaching.

12.  Assist missionaries in Stavanger and Haugesund to prepare for the drivers test.  

13.  (Haugesund)  Travel to Haugesund every two weeks. I serve as second councilor in the branch presidency.           Sister Gormley plays piano and helps in the primary.

14.  (Haugesund)  Drive the Missionaries to appointments that they cannot reach with the bus.

15.  (Haugesund) Teach and give talks when called upon.

16.  (Haugesund) Visit active and inactive members.

17,  Inspect missionary apartments when necessary.  Also facilitate changing apartments when needed.  

18.  Provide transportation for the missionaries (transfers, splits. conferences etc.

19.  Provide a meal every six weeks for zone conference.

20.  Help with ward and branch activities when called upon.

Laurie was able to spend some time with Kari's and Faith Elise's Family.  She was also able to see Cammy's family briefly.

Ida Hiltunen's baptism at Sandbekken lake on October 27th.  It was very cold, but the spirit was very warm.  She is the Branch President's daughter.  Sweet young lady.  
We had an enjoyable branch BBQ after the baptism.

What I won't do for the YSA.  We had a contest to see who could stick the most cheeze puffs to our faces covered with shaving cream.  Fun family night activity.

Contest to see who could get the most large marshmallows in their mouths. 
 Elder Welch won with 15.  

District lunch on Halloween.  Chili and corn bread.  (Left to Right) Elders Welch and Garlick, Sisters Sorensen and Morris, Elders Braunberger and Sperry.

Lt to Rt.  Sisters Morris, Gormley and Sorensen 

Our district sang a medley of church songs for the Zone Conference in Bergen on October 24th.

Elder and Sister Jensen from Utah.  They are serving in Bergen.  They provided a great lunch.

The Sisters for the Norway Oslo Mission West Zone, October 24th, 2017

The Elders and President Hill of the Norway Oslo Mission West Zone, October 24th, 2017

Monday, October 16, 2017


Dear Friends and Family;

Our best weather this summer has been in September and early October.  We will take it when we can get it.  It is getting in the lower 30's at night, but the days are still in the high 50's.  We have had a fund few weeks with our YSA, missionaries and members.  We had a great overnight trip to Bjerge's cabin in late September with the YSA.  They are so kind to us.  We really enjoyed General Conference.  We have to get a little creative to watch it with the time differences.  We are definitely lead by Prophets and Apostles.  It seems like in each conference we are all asked to just do a little better and be a little kinder.  Laurie's Mom is failing.  Laurie flew to Utah on October 8th to be with her.  The family has some decisions to make.  We pray for Grandma Greenwood, that she will be comforted.  She is a wonderful lady. It has been a little lonely without my companion.   She will be back on the 20th.  The members have been kind to have me over while she is gone.  We had a great Zone Conference.  This will be our last here in Stavanger.  They have moved the zone leaders to Bergen.  We have enjoyed feeding the missionaries at the conferences.  We had a wonderful baptism on October 7th.  I was able to baptize Sister Linda Akem. She is the lady we have been helping to teach, with the sisters, for over a year.  She has the darling triplets.  Sister Gormley is especially close to her.  I had a special day yesterday.  I was able to confirm Linda a member of the church.  I was then able to ordain Philip Evanger a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood.  He was baptized about a year ago.  He is a wonderful man that is growing in the gospel with his family.  I was then able to ordain Sigurd Siglevik an Elder.  Sigurd is one of our YSA leaders and has done so well in the gospel.  I have never seen the gospel change a person as much as Sigurd.  Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Last evening we were able to be with Elder Ballard in a broadcast from Germany.  He is amazing for his age.  He said that now is the time for the members in Europe to help the missionaries.  He said they can't do it without you.  We sure appreciate your thoughts and prayers in our behalf.  We love serving in Norway.  The Lord has truly blessed us.  We hope that all is well with you and your families.

Love, The Gormley's

Playing Kub with Brother Bjerge and the YSA

Brother Bjerge took us all for a ride on his boat

While we were sight seeing on the boat we hit a huge rock and took the drive off of the motor.  This is us being towed back.  This is the Bjerge's dog Nemi supervising.  

At the Bjerge's cabin on Bjergøy with (LtoR) Johannes, Linn, Leo, Sister Gormley, Ole and Sigurd

Volley ball with the YSA.  Linn and Gabriel

Ole getting serious about volleyball

Dinner with the missionaries to watch a session of conference at our apartment.  (LtoR) Eler Welch, Braunberger, Torgerson, Pritchett, Sister Sorensen, Earl, Horrocks and Morris

(LtoR) Elder Braunberger,Welch, Louie, Torgerson, Pritchett and Gormley

Sister Linda Akem at her baptism 10/7/17

At Linda' Akems Baptism.  (LtoR top Sister Lundegård, Mead,Sorensen, Morris, Linda, Gormley
Elder Torgerson, Gormley, Braunberger and Pritchett. (LtoR bottom) Øyvind, Michael, Bishop, Sam and Dalin Mead and Louie

Family Night Oct 9th at Emmaus Beach park in Stavanger

Anne & Jørgen Lundegård and Trine Steffensen singing by the fire

New Missionary. Elder Welch (R) with his new companion Elder Garlick from College Station, TX

New Missionary.  Elder Braunberger (L) with his new Companion Elder Sperry from Provo, UT

Vestlandet Zone Conference 9/19/17
Front (LtoR) Gormley's, Hill's, Brown's(Trondheim)  and Jensen's (Bergen)

Instruction time at Zone Conference

Vestlandet Zone Conference 9/19/17  Feeding the 5,000 

Cute grand daughters Ella (Elise) and Sophie (Kari) playing in the corn.

Wesley (Cammy) Playing football this year.  Good job Wes.