Monday, October 16, 2017


Dear Friends and Family;

Our best weather this summer has been in September and early October.  We will take it when we can get it.  It is getting in the lower 30's at night, but the days are still in the high 50's.  We have had a fund few weeks with our YSA, missionaries and members.  We had a great overnight trip to Bjerge's cabin in late September with the YSA.  They are so kind to us.  We really enjoyed General Conference.  We have to get a little creative to watch it with the time differences.  We are definitely lead by Prophets and Apostles.  It seems like in each conference we are all asked to just do a little better and be a little kinder.  Laurie's Mom is failing.  Laurie flew to Utah on October 8th to be with her.  The family has some decisions to make.  We pray for Grandma Greenwood, that she will be comforted.  She is a wonderful lady. It has been a little lonely without my companion.   She will be back on the 20th.  The members have been kind to have me over while she is gone.  We had a great Zone Conference.  This will be our last here in Stavanger.  They have moved the zone leaders to Bergen.  We have enjoyed feeding the missionaries at the conferences.  We had a wonderful baptism on October 7th.  I was able to baptize Sister Linda Akem. She is the lady we have been helping to teach, with the sisters, for over a year.  She has the darling triplets.  Sister Gormley is especially close to her.  I had a special day yesterday.  I was able to confirm Linda a member of the church.  I was then able to ordain Philip Evanger a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood.  He was baptized about a year ago.  He is a wonderful man that is growing in the gospel with his family.  I was then able to ordain Sigurd Siglevik an Elder.  Sigurd is one of our YSA leaders and has done so well in the gospel.  I have never seen the gospel change a person as much as Sigurd.  Yesterday was a wonderful day.  Last evening we were able to be with Elder Ballard in a broadcast from Germany.  He is amazing for his age.  He said that now is the time for the members in Europe to help the missionaries.  He said they can't do it without you.  We sure appreciate your thoughts and prayers in our behalf.  We love serving in Norway.  The Lord has truly blessed us.  We hope that all is well with you and your families.

Love, The Gormley's

Playing Kub with Brother Bjerge and the YSA

Brother Bjerge took us all for a ride on his boat

While we were sight seeing on the boat we hit a huge rock and took the drive off of the motor.  This is us being towed back.  This is the Bjerge's dog Nemi supervising.  

At the Bjerge's cabin on Bjergøy with (LtoR) Johannes, Linn, Leo, Sister Gormley, Ole and Sigurd

Volley ball with the YSA.  Linn and Gabriel

Ole getting serious about volleyball

Dinner with the missionaries to watch a session of conference at our apartment.  (LtoR) Eler Welch, Braunberger, Torgerson, Pritchett, Sister Sorensen, Earl, Horrocks and Morris

(LtoR) Elder Braunberger,Welch, Louie, Torgerson, Pritchett and Gormley

Sister Linda Akem at her baptism 10/7/17

At Linda' Akems Baptism.  (LtoR top Sister Lundegård, Mead,Sorensen, Morris, Linda, Gormley
Elder Torgerson, Gormley, Braunberger and Pritchett. (LtoR bottom) Øyvind, Michael, Bishop, Sam and Dalin Mead and Louie

Family Night Oct 9th at Emmaus Beach park in Stavanger

Anne & Jørgen Lundegård and Trine Steffensen singing by the fire

New Missionary. Elder Welch (R) with his new companion Elder Garlick from College Station, TX

New Missionary.  Elder Braunberger (L) with his new Companion Elder Sperry from Provo, UT

Vestlandet Zone Conference 9/19/17
Front (LtoR) Gormley's, Hill's, Brown's(Trondheim)  and Jensen's (Bergen)

Instruction time at Zone Conference

Vestlandet Zone Conference 9/19/17  Feeding the 5,000 

Cute grand daughters Ella (Elise) and Sophie (Kari) playing in the corn.

Wesley (Cammy) Playing football this year.  Good job Wes.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Dear Family and Friends;

Where does the time go.  It is already nearing the end of September.  The days are getting shorter fast and it is cooling off.  We will really miss these temps.  Highs of 70 and lows of 30.  We received our travel information for going home.  We will be  leaving and arriving home on December 14th. We have mixed emotions.  We really miss all of you, but we have found many eternal friends here in Stavanger and Haugesund.  Sister Gormley had knee surgery 10 days ago.  She had torn cartilage that needed repair.  She will be on crutches about 6 weeks.  We had 4 grandkids go to kindergarten this year. They are growing up too fast.  It's fun to watch our high school grand kids participate in Sports.  We had a fun trip to Lofoten.  It is above the Arctic Circle.  It was my first time to north Norway.  The beauty here continues to amaze us.  We went with 3 other couples, President and Sister Hill, Elder and Sister Hill and Elder and Sister Robinson.  They were all so fun.  We had two of our YSA get married this month.  We are so happy for them.  We are praying for all of the victims of the natural disasters throughout the world.  It is a  great and dreadful time to live.   The missionary work is moving forward. We had 10 investigators at church on Sunday.  It was so fun to tell each of them about the gospel.  We still have a lot of work to do here, Hope you all have a wonderful fall.  See you soon.

Love Elder and Sister Gormley

Clair Traveller (Kari) headed to Kindergarten in Cedar Hills, UT 

Sam Gormley (Erik) front and center off to Kindergarten in Burlington, WY

Will Preator (Cammy) with new Kindergarten teacher in Powell, WY

Bennett Gormley (Josh) going out the door to Kindergarten in Tuscon , AZ

Tyler Traveller (Kari) playing slot receiver and corner for The American Fork High School Football team.  Go Cavemen

Dylan Preator (Cammy) playing varsity tennis for Powell High School, go Panthers

Grace Traveller (Kari) Playing tennis for American Fork High School, go Cavemen

Reine, Lofoten Norway

Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway, boat tour.  

Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway sea eagle hunting fish

Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway, Sister and Elder Gormley

Svolvær, Lofoten, Norway.  The place we stayed on the water

Sisters Horrocks, Gormley and Earl at Langfossen, Norway.  We went to Sauda Norway to teach Willem.  He has been reading the Book of Mormon every day.  It is fun to see the change the gospel brings to people.

Odda Norway with the Sisters

Sister Blankmeyer (LT) headed home and Mariana headed to England to be an exchange student

Lena Steffensen, one of our YSA's, married Gabriel Manotas form Spain in Madrid.  They had a fun reception here in Stavanger. Congratulations

Jan-Erik Stausland, one of our YSA's, married Amanda Pham from Viet Nam in Stavanger.  Congratulations

We received three new missionaries this transfer.
Elder Alexander Prichett, Highland Hills, UT and Elder Landon Braunberger, Saint George, UT.

Sister Madelene Sorrensen, Santa Barbara, CA, and Sister Madelene Morris, Woodland Hills, UT

Elder Jaden Torgerson, Tooele, UT and Elder Dallin Welch, Farmington, UT

 Headed home December 14th.  😃😟

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Kari Visit

Dear Friends and Family;

We have had  a wonderful couple of weeks.  Our daughter Kari and her two daughters Grace and Emily visited us.  We loved having them.  They met some great people and visited many beautiful places in southwest Norway.  Times goes so fast.  We only have 4 months left.  We are really getting comfortable here.  I guess that means it's time to move on.  We have had a rainy and chilly summer, but we have really enjoyed it.  We have enjoyed our YSA this summer.  Our institute starts again Friday.  Everyone is headed back to school.  We have been doing member visits the last week.  We have had some special visits with sweet and faithful members.  We are excited for the new school year for all of our grand children.  We hope they all have a fun and successful year.  Many are involved in sports.  Good luck and stay safe.   Thanks for your love and prayers.
With love, Elder and Sister Gormley

Grace on top of Preikestolen.  Her and her Mom made the hike.  Thanks to Sigurd for going with. 

Emily, Grace and Kari at Låtefossen

Emily in Haugesund

Enjoying the Hardangerfjord bing cherries.  They use the honor system.  You stop and take the fruit and put your money in the box.  Not sure that would work at home.

Group picture at the Fretheim Hotel in Flåm

Riding the Flåmsbana down to Flåm

Kari really enjoyed the old churches.  This is in Voss, built in 1277.

Overlooking Bergen from Fløyen

Riding the cable car, Fløyenbanen.

Taking the ferry from Bergen back to Stavanger.  Passing thru Haugesund

Visiting the Stavanger stone church with Kari.  Built in 1125

Laurie with her grandaughters in Staanger

Our beautiful granddaughters, Emily and Grace 

Grace found a new friend in Mariana

The girls at Flor og Fjære in Stavanger.  A beautiful spot.

Sending Kari, Emily and Grace home.  We sure enjoyed them.

Feeding the 5,000 (40) at Zone Training.  Sister Gormley made her famous Lasagne.  

Our great Zone leaders, Elder Cole and Dial.

The Stavanger Zone.  Great missionaries.

Elder Jørgen Lundegård came home from his mission in Greece.  His mom made an amazing chocolate cake for his reception.  He is off to school in Drammen.  Wish we could keep him in our YSA

Early Sunday morning in Haugesund we woke to this.  Special moment.

Family night at Stokkavannet.  Great time singing and cooking dogs and marshmallows.  

The triplets have turned one.  (Lt. to Rt.) Emily, Christopher and Alex.  Linda has her hands full.  They are Sister Gormley's adopted grandkids.   They enjoyed the toy we got them.