Thursday, January 12, 2017

Happy New Year

Dear Family and Friends;

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We sure missed all of you, but really enjoyed the members and missionaries here in Norway.  Everyone was so kind to have us over for activities and meals.  We really enjoyed getting to know the members in their homes.  Christmas time is a special time here in Norway.  The traditions are so deep.  The sad part is that 95% of the people have know idea who Christ is or why he was born.  The church has an uphill battle here teaching of Christ.  The standard of living here is so high that people struggle with looking to God for anything.  It is definable a "finding the one" process.   We sure get close to these missionaries.  They are the cream of the crop.  We are off and running in 2017.  I'm sure that our last year will go by very fast.  We are praying that we can make a difference here.  We pray that each of you can accomplish all that you hope to this year.  Like George Durant would say "This will be our best year."
Love you all.  Elder and Sister Gormley

Will, Nathan, Ella, Sam
Richard, Claire, Sophie, Tyler
Wesley, Beckett, Dylan, Kennedy
Bennett, Grace, Tessa, James
Stratton, Emily, Michael, Jaycie
What a great crew of grand kids.  They range from 17 to two.  We love them and can't wait to be with them again.  

We really enjoyed some of the Christmas art the grand kids sent us.  

Christmas dinner with the missionaries and the YSA.  Sister Gormley is becoming a sensation around the missionaries and the YSA.

Julenissen (Santa Clause) at the Olsen's.  We spent Christmas eve with them.  They have 4 beautiful children.  We had a great evening.

Ward Christmas party in Haugesund.  Playing pin the nose on the reindeer.  

Movie party with the YSA and missionaries.  We watched Dory.  Ate a lot of popcorn.

Ward Christmas party in Stavanger.  A huge traditions is to all hold hands and dance around the Christmas tree while singing favorite Norwegian Christmas songs.

Our landlord Atla built a new fence in our driveway.  It was fun to help him for a few hours.  

Our Bishops wife Elin won the Stavanger area ginger bread house building competition.  She has won it several times.  She even made clear windows out of sugar,  It all has to be edible.  She is so talented. 

Missionary dinner with the Redfords.  He is from Scotland and she is from Sweeden.  Wonderful members.

New Years Eve with the Meads.  They are an American family from Laramie working for Conoco Phillips here in Norway.  Great fun.  Norway goes crazy for fireworks on New Years Eve.  Much more that we do on the fourth.  

Had dinner with the Haugesund Elders with Beverly and Hans.  She is American and he is from Haugesund.  Missionaries are teaching them.  Great Shrimp.  

The southwest coast of Norway is full of sheep.  Lamb is their favorite meat in this part of Norway.  Pinnekjøtt (salted lamb)  is a Christmas tradition.  We had it about 4 times.  Great,

We drove the missionaries out to Karmøy (Karm Island) to find inactive members.  Beautiful part of Norway.