Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday, July 18, 2016

Dear Friends and Family,

We had a wonderful couple of weeks. We said goodbye to some great missionaries. You really get attached to them and hate to see them go. We always enjoy teaching with the missionaries. It is always a highlight for us. We went to Haugesund last Sunday. It is a small branch, about two hours north. We spoke in church. We also were able to take the missionaries around to visit less actives and find referrals.  We covered a lot of beautiful country.  We really enjoyed visiting the Bjerga's at their cabin.  Their Grandfather built it in the late 1800's.  What scenery.  They are a wonderful family. Thier son Simen just arrived in the Denver North Mission on Monday the 11th.  Hope some of you get to meet him.  Great young man.We traveled south to Vanse again and taught the Evanger's. They are so kind to us and love the gospel.  We were able to play volleyball with the refugees again on Friday. We met a young man named Mohamed who just got here from Afghanistan.  He told me he walked from Afghanistan across the mountains into Pakistan.  The then walked across Iran and Turkey.  He took a raft from Turkey to Greece.  He then walked from Greece through the Slavic countries, through Austria and into Germany.  In Germany he was able work out coming to Norway and they flew him here.  I figure he walked around 5,000 miles.  It took him around 4 months.  He said he got very tired and hungry but that he was so grateful to be here.  He had a wonderful spirit and a big smile.  He said he doesn't know how his family is back in Afghanistan.  I hope he can find a good life here in Norway.  We are so blessed.  We had 12 YSA at Institute last Friday.  A record for us.  We are really enjoying studying the Book of Moses with them.  We are looking forward to driving to Stockholm this week to the YSA conference. We will help with registration, food prep, serving, dishes etc.  We will be able to look around Stockholm and go to the Temple.  We really miss the Temple.  Thanks for your prayers.  We love you all.  Elder & Sister Gormley

We said goodbye to Three of our favorite missionaries, Elder Daly from Eagle ID, Elder Decker from Eugene,OR and Sister Antinasio from San Antonio, TX.  

We got a brand new missionary, Sister Cook from Roosevelt, UT.  They are so fun when they are brand new.

Sister Gormley biking at Vaulen on the ocean.  We bought some bikes and are enjoying the exercise and the scenery.  Norway has the best bike trails.

Teaching Elia with Elders Christiansen and Merritt in Lærvik, near Hausesund.  He is a Christian Palestinian that emigrated to Norway from Bethlehem, Israel.  

We were able to go to Bjerg Island and visit our friends, the Bjerga's from the Stavanger Ward at their cabin.
What a beautiful place 
Sister Gormley kayaking off of  Bjerg Island.

Picked fresh Raspberries at Bjerga's.  They were really good on ice cream.

Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.
We found cockle shell flowers on Bjerg Island, we had never seen them before.