Saturday, May 27, 2017

17th of May-Norway's Independence Day

Dear Friends and Family;

Things are getting warm and pretty in Norway.  The April showers really did bring beautiful May flowers.  Laurie is having problems with her knee.  She tore some cartilage in her left knee right before our mission.  She thought she could wait until we got home.  I think she will have arthroscopic surgery her to help the pain.  Other than that we are doing well.    We met a sweet lady in Lærvik on Stord named Gunvor Stenberg.  She joined the church when she was 15 in about 1950 in Bergen. She was active until he got married and moved to Lærvik.  She is 82 and was so glad to see us.  We also met a couple in Haugesund, Bjarne and Brigit Vestre.  They are relatives of the Weeks in Wyoming. He has found over 32,000 names of his ancestors.  We really enjoyed meeting them.  We hope to tell them more about the church.  We continue to put many kilometers on our little car.  Norway is beautiful from top to bottom.  Hope you are all excited about summer.  We are super excited about seeing some of our family this summer.   Love Elder and Sister Gormley

We had our 41st anniversary on May 15th.  

The Branch President , Ismo Hiltunen, works for a large recycling company.  They were loading a ship headed to Finland with chipped wood.  

The young adults always enjoy volleyball and a hot dog on a nice day.

Annett Andersen in her Russ suit.  All of the graduating kids wear them.  

17th of May Pictures

We got a new Bishop.  Hal Mead from Laramie, WY.  We works for Conocophillips here in Norway.  He will be a great Bishop.  Small world  

Charlotte Evanger in her Norwegian Bunad

Lt to Rt. Erik Steffensen, Einar Lundegård and Øvind Steffensen

Elin and Anne Steffensen

Miriam Gulbransen and Sister Hutchings

Elders Steevens. Dial, Carver Torgesen, Arveseth, Sisters Blankmeyer, Gormley, Hutchins & Miriam.

Anstien Olsen with his grandaughter

Beautiful Bunads

Øyvind Steffensen in parade with class from school.

The Carrie Anne and Kjetel Olsen Family with the Sisters

Brother Thomas Bjerge passed away. He was a pillar in the Stavanger Ward.  His children Johannes, Lasse and Hulgun.  Great family.  It was a beautiful service.

Helene's Horse

Laila Pettersen,Helene Pettersen Gangsøy and Sister Gormley.  Helene owns a jumping horse.  We went and watched a competition.  Beautiful horses.

Campfire always fun

Went to Stokka lake with YSA.  Great fun

Birthday lunch for Elder Carver and Sister Hutchins

Did a service project  for Petersens at their cabin.

Brightes, Sr. Gormley Elder Dial, Robert and me.  We are teaching Robert in Flekkefjord.  He is from Poland and Brightes was one of our YSA sisters.

There are some interesting cars in Norway.  Smallest one I have ever seen.

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