Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Erik & Britany Visit

Dear Family and Friends;

It has been a great couple of weeks.  We had transfers.  Lost some great friend missionaries and gained some new. Erik and Britany visited us.  That always is special to have family.  It was so fun to show them Norway and introduce them to our friends and missionaries.  We had a great YSA get together in Bergen.  It is always great to be with the YSA.  We also had a real sad thing happen.  A dear friend that was attending with our YSA and was investigating the church choose to take his life. He had set a baptismal date. It was a real blow to the missionaries, Sister Gormley and I.  We loved him dearly.  He was so troubled.  The gospel and the atonement was the answer, but he couldn't make the connection. We will miss Ben Robert.  We have a young sister from Haugesund that visited the church with her high school class to write a report.  She felt something and wanted to know more. The Sister missionaries taught her.  She had a baptismal date for July 1st.  Her name is Monica.  She went with us to the YSA activity in Bergen this last seek-end.  Hope you are all having a good summer.  We are enjoying the cool weather.  Love, Elder and Sister Gormley

Ben Robert last Christmas

Transfer Dinner.  Left to Right: Elder Torgesen, Elder Cole, Sister Blankmeyer, Elder Arveseth, Elder Carver, Elder Stephens, Sister Gormley & Elder Gormley

Elder Areveseth is transferring to Oslo to become an assistant to the President.

Elder Carver is going home

Erik and Britany at the Airport, arriving to Norway June 2nd.

Britany and Erik on the ferry to Lysebotn with our car.

Erik on the ferry to Lysebotn

Erik and Britany and the Lysefjord

Erik and Britany on top of  Øygardstøl.  A steep winding road from Lysebotn.

Lysebotn from the restaurant in Øygardstøl.

Still a lot of snow in the Mountains of Sirdal

Philip Evanger and Erik out fishing

Erik and Britany and dinner with the Evangers.  Chicken peanut sticks.

House that Philip Evanger was raised in.  Built in 1771.  His parents still live there near Farsund.

Lighthouse near Farsund

German bunker near Farsund.  Used during WWII.

They have animal overpasses on the roads in Norway.  Horse checking out the traffic.

This farmer has a sense of humor. 

Erik and Britany by the church in Haugesund

Erik and Britany at the Torleif Knaphus monument.  He is a famous church artist that was born in Norway.


Erik and us in Odda Norway

We say some amazing waterfalls between Stavanger and Bergen.  Below are a few of them.  This is the peak season for waterfalls because of the snow melt.

Erik and his Mother on Ferry back to Bergen from Flåm.

Stayed in Bergen at the Grand Terminus Hotel by the Train Station.

Erik loved visiting the fish market in Bergen.

Erik and Britany in Bergen

Erik and I in Stavanger

Erik and Britany at the old church in Stavanger.  Built in the 1100's.

Erik enjoyed seeing the tractors that they use as trucks in Norway.  

The YSA in Bergen with the Stake Patriarch.  Monica, that is going to be baptised is in the top row, far right.

Riding down Fløyen in Bergen on the cable car.

Sister Gormley & I at Gammelhaugen in Bergen.  The Kings summer palace.

Camille, Sister Gormley and Martina in Bergen

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