Thursday, July 6, 2017

Josh, Jackie & Stratton Visit 6-17

Dear Friends and Family;

Our days are getting shorter now.  At the longest it was getting dark after midnight and light before 4. We had a great visit from Josh, Jackie and Stratton.  It is so fun to show our family the country that we have grown to love.  The same day that Josh, Jackie and Stratton left we got on a plane for Stockholm.  We were able to go to the temple with a Sister we help teach and one of our YSA's that is headed to Boston on a mission.  We are so happy for them.  We really enjoyed being in the temple again.  We had over 80 people from our ward attend.  These people are amazing.  It is a 15 hour drive. They have a guest house there where everyone stays.  We all shared food and socialized in the evenings.  It was really enjoyable.  On the 4th we went to our Bishop's for a BBQ with the missionaries and the Olsen family.  She is from Washington state.  Hal Mead, the Bishop is from Wyoming.  He grew up in Wright and played basketball in Burlington.  Small world.  We also had a 4th district lunch with the Missionaries.  Sister Gormley spoils them.  One of our wonderful YSA sisters, Shelby Miller, left for school at USU.  We will miss her.  Lynn Steffensen returned from a mission at temple square last night.  We are excited to work with her.  Hope you all had a happy and safe 4th.  Love Elder and Sister Gormley

Josh, Jackie and Stratton arriving in Stavanger.  They were tired.

Josh, Jackie and Stratton with President and Sister Hill

Josh, Jackie riding our bikes at Vaulen.  They loved the trails here.

Josh, Jackie and Stratton on top of Preikestolen after a long hike. 

Josh, Jackie in our church in Haugesund

Josh, Jackie and Stratton in Haugesund

Josh,Stratton, Sister Gormley and I at Langfossen

Josh, Jackie, Stratton and Sister Gormley at Odda

Josh, Jackie and Stratton on the Flåm railroad

Josh, Jackie and Stratton with a troll.  Jackie loved the trolls.

Josh, Jackie and Stratton overlooking rainy Bergen from Fløyan

Josh Stratton and I from the back of the ferry we took from Bergen to Stavanger, going under the Haugesund bridge.

Stratton and Josh playing volleyball with the YSA and missionaries at Vaulen

Josh, Jackie and Stratton at the Stavanger Harbor

Saying good bye.  Josh starts medical school at the University of Arizona in Tucson today.  We are excited for this new adventure for him and his family.

Monica Tindeland, from Haugesund, was baptised on July 1st.  She is a young lady that came from the High School in Haugesund to do a report on the church.  She  took the lessons and was baptized.  She is wonderful.

Sisters Earl, Gormley and Whited (L to R) overlooking Haugesund from Steinsfjellet. 

Sister Gormley and Annett Andersen in Stockholm after she went through the temple.

Some of our dear friends at the temple in Stockholm.  Sister Kristin Jonasmo, 2nd from left and Roger Lindahl, 4th from right, went to the temple for the first time.  

(L to R) Shelby, Sisters Gormley and Hutchins and Ingrid at a YSA BBQ

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