Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tyler Visit July 2017

Dear Family and Friends;

We had a fun couple of weeks.  President and Sister Hill came over to hear Sister Linn Steffensen report home from her mission to temple square.  We spent a day with them seeing this beautiful part of Norway.  They are such dear friends.  Then the party began.  Our oldest Grandson Tyler Traveller (Kari) and three of his buddies, Boston Taylor, Farrell Dean and Dallin Price, came to visit us.  They were super fun and high energy.  It has been awhile since I have had that kind of energy.  They really had a great time.  They all got a taste of foreign missionary work.  Everything was new and exciting, the food, the language, the people, the landscape, the money and much more.  We couldn't keep them out of the chocolate.  They made a really good video of their trip.  You can find it on our Facebook pages. We sent a couple of Special missionaries home this week.  Elder Larsen and Elder Stephens. We had 11 sisters and 13 Elders go home this transfer.  They were wonderful.  The 11 sisters were the ones we came out with from the MTC.  Our son Josh started medical school at the University of Arizona.  It will be a difficult and exciting adventure.  They are settled and happy in Tucson.  We had a great trip to Haugesund this last weekend.  I gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on the Restoration. It is such a blessing to have the gospel on the earth.  What a miracle that it happened they way that it did.  We had a couple of sweet teaching opportunities this week with the missionaries.  They continue to amaze me.  We love each of you and hope that you are having a great and safe summer.
Elder and Sister Gormley

With President and Sister Hill near Byrkjedal, Norway

Tyler and crew at Preikestolen

Linn Steffensen (second from right).  Just returned from a mission to temple square.  Had a great time at a family night with them.

Tyler and Boston on the Bike at Vaulen

Boys had fun shopping with Gram.

Elder Richardson (4th from right) came back with his parents to visit Norway.  This is the group that hiked Preikestolen.

Touring Stavanger with the boys.

Tyler and his buddies could eat.  They enjoyed the food.

6:00 AM.  Ferry to Flørli for Kjerag hike.  Ole Johnsen (2nd from Rt.) was their guide.  Thanks Ole.

Ty and I at the Kjerag Restaurant at Øygardstøl after their 12 their hike.

From L to R. Ty, Boston, Dalin Ferrell with the Stavanger missionaries, Elder Dial, Carver, Prichett and Larsen.

Tyler and Elder Dial contacting in Stavanger.

Hot Dogs on the Sola Beach with Mariana and Trina.

Family night with the YSA.  

Tyler at the Stavanger airport leaving for home.  

Elder Stephens (Lt) Elder Larson (Rt) leaving for home

Josh with his white coat at the U of A.  Click on link below for a short video of  Josh and a few of his classmates at the White Coat Ceremony.  We are excited for him and his family.

                                                      Josh White Coat Ceremony U of A

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